My friend is in need of help

Here's the situation, so she have known her b.f. for 18 yrs dated him 2yrs out of that. In august of 2014 she had a miscarriage but found out that he was trying to hook up with girls via internet. September 2014 he proposed to her and decide that they was going to get married in june 2015. Early January she got a inbox on f.b. from a girl asking to talk come to find out not only was her b.f. talking to the girl he was having unprotected sex as well. She then find out not only was she pregnant but the girl is pregnant as well...... so her b.f. left her for the next chick. Now that things is not working out between him and the other girl he wants to come bk home. Would yall accept him bk or let him go........especially when he stressed you out to the point that you lost your child and he embarrassed you in front of the other girl. He also stated to her on numerous occasions that she push him away so he went and find affection somewhere else. So truth be told was it actually love.