Father's Day!


Hubbs got a good father's day gift this morning! I couldn't hold out all day yesterday, so I broke and told him... but he wanted to do a test this morning, so we went out last night and got the more expensive tests (he dipped it in the cup and did the waiting... lol). It seemed more real for him I guess... even after I showed him previous tests.

I asked him "Are we really setting up a photo op for a test?" He grinned and shook his head! After we got done he walked out grinning from ear to ear! Lol

Now he's planning to get the grandpas together to tell them... even made cool father's day cards for them! I guess that's good so we can tell our parents and get that out of the way. He came up with a cute idea of how to tell the kids... so that's gonna be fun!