Swim suit season

So I'm not the thinnest person ever and I have no gap between my legs but I keep seeing people with two pieces on and its making me a little uncomfortable. If I were to wear a two piece I would have a muffin top, and when sitting I would also have rolls (pretty big ones at that). To me at least.

I'm saying I'm over weight but not to fat

(I think) but my favorite bathing suits are one pieces because they are more flattering on me, and its the type of suit that I have worn for my entire life. I'm not that comfortable with showing skin or cleavage.

I already get this form my sister, " you are the only person I know who still wears a one piece. (Laughing) "

It doesn't make me fell better. I love the water but am afraid of getting ridiculed because of my suit. I'm not the prettiest either.

So I guess what I'm getting at is, is it OK to be like that? Would I look bad if I as the only person wearing a one piece at a pool or beach? Is a one piece still considered cute?