PCOS?????? HELP!!!!

Maranda • Hi, im Maranda and my fiance and i have been TTC for a little over a yr now and luck! I have considered going to a fertility specialist but im just hoping against hope that i will soon get that BFP.
I don't really know where to post this. But I was reading online (I know a bad thing to do) but after reading from multiple sites about PCOS im thinking maybe that's what my problem is. I havent been able to conceive with my fiancé for baby #1 for over a year now (#1 infertility) also I have had cyst on my ovaries before multiple times (#2 cyst on ovaries). And I also experience (this is very very embarassing to admit) slight facial hair (only a few hairs on my chin like maybe 3 hairs) (#3 male testosterone, unwanted facial hair) but anyways what I'm asking is, has any of you ladies that have been diagnosed with PCOS been put on the medication clomid and conceived your little miracle?