Father in law reaction to pregnancy

Taylor • Happily married! Pregnant for 1st baby!!

Well for father's day me and my husband thought it would be perfect to announce our pregnancy to his parents. I made some onsies that said Grampaw's favorite and the other was Grandmaw. We had them open the bad together and read the onsies. MIL was excited had a great reaction...FIL just kinda...Idk didn't really seem to care I guess is the right word. He jumped right into daycare, work, insurance blah blah blah. So...I snapped at him and told him we have it figured out we don't need him to tell us. I guess he was a little startled but it's suppose to be happy and exciting. My husband doesn't think I was wrong for snapping but I was really hurt by him acting that way after we tell him he's gonna be a grampaw. After all the emotional stress he put me through by being overly attached and googoo over every baby or child he saw after my misscsrriage I finally get to give him good news and a grand baby and all he cares to talk about is all the stressful stuff not even 5 minutes later!! I don't feel like I'm overreacting but even my husband is a little upset and he also never mentioned it by themselves or talked about being a father to his son..

Venting over..