Wtf I'm so confused

Okay so I bought three pregnancy test and three ovulation test from dollar tree anyways I took one not long after ovulation not course BFN so I waited until I was 8 dpo but when I open the box clearly marked pregnancy test which was a blue new choices box the foil pack said ovulation hcg I was like huh? So I looked at the package of the first one I took and which was in the bathroom trash lol all the serial numbers matched I opened all my ovulation test to check if they matched and they didn't so I am not sure if I the suppose to be pregnancy test where actually ovulation test that were packaged wrong my possible positive matched the back of the new choices preg. test box but if they were packaged wrong the results could be negative ovulation according to the pink ovulation box which I know I'm not ovulating because I just finished ovulating 6/12 I'm sorry for the long post I'm just lost I bought a digital clear blue and it said not preg so I'm just like wtf is going on sorry just looking for insight thanks a bunch