My husband seems annoyed by me. 😢

My husband has made me feel loved and that I'm the most beautiful to him. He has always been cuddlely and affectionate. He's also been the one to want to have sex. Although lately all that has changed. He seems  to get annoyed when I want to cuddle with him. I'm unsatisfied with our sex life. I've tired being provocative and sexy but all those things seem to annoy him too. It upsets me that I can't turn him on and I feel that all my efforts make things worst. He has even told me that all I think about is sex. He works hard and our 10 month old takes a lot of energy from us. I completely understand that sometimes he's tired. I've asked him why he seems bothered when I try to be affectionate and he responded that I do so at the wrong times or in the wrong places. I have even tried to wait for him to get hungry for me but I feel I can't wait that long.