OMG! I've never been so obsessed with trying!!!


This dreadful TWW is killing me! I've been researching everything under the sun trying to figure out if my timing was right.

Ugh! I'm new to this, bare with me, Lol. Ok so I've BD everyday of what glow determined to be my fertile window. I didn't chart my BBT but I used OPK and received a LH Surge about 8 am Wednesday & Thursday morning last week. I didn't test anymore after Thursday. I read there's really no need after the first positive surge but I probably should have tested twice a day leading up to the surge because I tested in the mornings and the surge could have started Tuesday evening but anywho... I BD am & pm Tues, am Wed, am Thursday and late pm Friday. I used pre seed as well. My fingers are crossed that I did enough in the 12-36 hr window. I'm 4DPO I think, and the wait is KILLING ME!!!😣😣😩😩