Father's Day debacle

Yesterday I woke up cooked my SO breakfast for Fathers Day and gave him a card. I don't have a lot of money and thought I'd surprise him with a nice dinner and some "dessert" My SO frequently will leave the house and not say where he's going or how long he will be gone. Yesterday while I'm cooking dinner he up and left. Didn't say anything just left. As soon as he did a friend of mine whose father has passed away a few months ago called crying so I left the house and went to see her. I was gone a little over 2 hours. When I got home he immediately starts in on me about how I chose my friend over him. I couldn't believe it. He left the house first and I had no clue where he was or how long he was going to be gone and I said nothing but I leave and I'm the bad person. Any thoughts ladies?? He said I'm doing tit for tat and I'm petty!