After all this time

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A year and a half had gone by. Many of those months we were <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> and meeting to get sperm (eww). Unfortunately that's how babies are made. After a year of myself not get pregnant we decided my wife would also try because she has had 2 pregnancies. It took us 4 months for her to get pregnant after coming off birth control. May was a lucky month for us. We found out we were pregnant the end of may! My wife carrying. Well this morning I took a test because I had been feeling funny and it came back a faint positive! We are literally in shock and don't know what to believe. After going through at home insemination and unspeakable things to make a baby, we may have made 2! This is the most amazing thing I think has ever happened in our lives. Let me know what you think about the tests. My wife's is the top and mine is the bottom! This is absolutely crazy and anything can happen when you believe it can.