28+1, glucose test, and sonogram

Tracey ā€¢ Mother of 3 wonderful boys, medic in the MS army national guard, I love reading, and watching tv.
Today was a very early and hard day for me. Glucose test was at 7:40 am šŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜© and so so so nasty šŸ˜–šŸ˜–šŸ˜–! Baby's dad came to doc with me and it was just hard and awkward. I'm not over him but he seems beyond over me. I guess I'm just making it awkward. I cried in the bathroom for a few minutes because I couldn't hold it in any longer... I'm just lost right now. Baby is doing fine, weighing about 2.2 lbs. he wouldn't cooperate for us when it was time for the sonogram though. He was facing my back so all we saw was his spine, his heart, his boy parts, the top of his head, the bottom of his foot, and an arm over his head like he's saying "leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep". No face shots unfortunately... Otherwise all went fine today.