Am I pregnant (freaking out :/

Idk if my period is just late (3 days to be exact) or I'm pregnant. Exactly a week ago I had brown discharge from 2-3 days. I thought it was my period, but no it went away. Of course I went on google and I started freaking out because I read it may be implantation bleeding. And it was exactly 9 days after ovulation. Now I'm super stressed haven't been able to sleep or anything. Also I started school and a new job after my last period and in the last months I've lost 20 pounds. I was thinking I could be malnourished but idk. The main thing that has be worried is the spotting and the fact that I had unprotected sex while ovulating. I'm too scared to take a test because I will absolutely faint and freak out. I'm very immature and definitely not ready to have a baby. Am I pregnant ? What should I do?