When should I announce my pregnancy?

I know it's up to me.but I had 2 miscarriage right before 8 weeks I'm almost 9 weeks right now and I go back to get my third ultrasound at 9 weeks 6 days.i was thinking in between 12 weeks and 14 weeks.i don't have much family but I feel like I've been hiding only my best friend and neighbor knows right now.i don't want to keep it a huge secret I just want to be on the safe side.sometimes I find myself wanting to tag my boyfriend in funny pregnancy post on Facebook and things like that .like I said I just want to be on the safe side but than again I want to scream to the world my excitement for my little miracle. Just having lost 2 already makes things so scary .I'm sure many others been in my situation when did you announce yours ? Any advice? This is killing me I knew I was pregnant before I even missed my period I feel like I've been pregnant forever already and I just have some much joy and excitement build up as well as fear