Really disipointed!

So me and my so have been ttc for a month... Well I got off accutane 2 months ago and was only on it 1 week! The drug caused me to have muscle deterioration and low in phosphorus. Then a month later when I think it's out of my system (they said to wait a month until you try to get pregnant) I get sick with pink eye and flu! Then this month I get sent to the emergency room again because my glands are majorly swollen a very painful soar throat that I can't even swallow and they found out I have an Inflammed liver! So now I feel like having a baby just got ripped out of my hands! I can't get pregnant at all because all those things I listed WERE FROM TAKING THE ACCUTANE! (Note it was a different version call Asorbica) and I just I seriously feel like now I'll never have a baby! At all! I mean I know I need to get healthier but I thought all this was past me and it's not!