Beyond upset! Need advice!

Ok so I went to the eye dr because I was in a lot of pain. I slept with my contacts and ended up getting a test and an infection. I let the eye dr know that I was 10 weeks pregnant and whatever he prescribed needed to be baby safe. He prescribed augmentin and erythromycin ointment. I called the OB to make sure they were ok and indeed they were safe to take. Now, I went for a follow up with the eye dr and he said I needed drops for inflammation but that things were looking better. He prescribed Prednisolone acetate opthalmic 1% drops. I didn't call my OB to make sure bc my eye dr deemed them safe to take since it was only 1%. I decided tonight to look up the facts and these drop are category C with evidence of cleft pallete in lab rats, as well as congenital defects in the first trimester. I've take these drops for 3 days now, I am so upset and afraid now!!