Ten ways to detox your life😊😊

Hello every I'm daisy an I came up with a way to detox your life
"Meaning" A better way to remove negative people from your life an to live a better an more positive life"
1. Remove all negative people from your life.
2. Wake up an go to sleep with a positive attitude.
3. If you have a bad day at work at school or even at home remember there's always tomorrow an it's okay to start over
4. When u wake up in the morning first thing you should do is grab a journal an write down everything you are thankful for in ur life
5. Try to stay away from bad tv shows that's not healthy to watch stop listening to negative music
6. Have a better attitude even in a bad situation 
7. I know this one maybe hard but bare with me remove your self from bad& negative friends an family members if they don't wanna see you do better or always judging you please remove yourself from them it's not healthy 
8. Remember life is way to short to hold grudges against people learn to forgive even when u don't want too I've learn this over the years holding grudges don't effect the person you holding a grudge against but it also effect you so what ever happened yesterday remember it's never to late to forgive
9. If you are in a bad mood listen to careerful music to put you in a better mood.
10. Last an not least keep God first an remember to pray cause tomorrow never promised 
I really hope this help someone by reading this I've been doing this since I was 17 an my life is so much better I have my days when I wanna be negative but I try my hardest to stay positive an teach my sons to be positive an have a positive attitude not only with my attitude but with the way I eat an what I listen too on the radio an look at on tv I've also noticed with this lil thing I came up with its easy for me to forgive people who have done wrong to me In my everyday life....
So plz read an God bless 
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