Question for gays & lesbians..

Mary • 27, from Utah, I have one 2 yr old son and a baby on the way!
Hey, this doesn't have to do with pregnancy but it is about "sex & relationships". It may be a strange question, but I have always wondered about it. Now don't get the wrong idea, cause im not against same sex couples at all.. there are just some things about it that I don't understand only because I am straight and can't really relate. Anyways... so gay men are attracted to men, and lesbians are attracted to woman, that part is obvious.. but if gay men are attracted to other men than why do many gay men dress up to look like woman and more feminine (like girl clothes and make up). And if lesbians are attracted to woman than why do many lesbians try and look like a man or more manly? If gay men are attracted to men, and lesbians to woman, it seems like they would be more attracted to men who look like men, and woman who look like woman. Cause if a lesbian likes to be with woman who looks like a man.. wouldn't that kinda mean she's attracted to men? And if a gay man likes dating guys who dress to look like woman then they obviously are attracted to the feminine woman look. Right? The only way I can make sense of it is if gay ppl ARE infact attracted to the outside appearance of the opposite sex, but they just aren't attracted to what they have below the belt.. i dunno.. i just feel like if I was a lesbian I wouldn't wanna date a woman that looks like a man. Does that make any sense? Now remember, I'm not a homafobe or close minded... it's just a topic that I can't relate to or understand easily, so I figured I'd just ask and get more educated on it. So plz no one get offended or mad.. it's just a curiosity question. Not everyone just automatically knows what it's like to be gay, so sometimes ya just gotta ask to learn! Thanx!