BFP after a BFN

Elena • Married since 2010. Have a baby boy born in Decbember 2013 after miscarriage in late 2012.
Thank you Glow for helping me get pregnant only the third month of trying! This application helped me realise I was ovulating much later than I thought! After an early negative and one extremely faint line today I got this! I hope it sticks! 
To all the ladies out there testing early , don't get discouraged if you see a negative! Until AF shows, you are still in the game! I tested on Sunday and it was a clear negative. Yesterday could barely see it and today this. Also I didn't feel any different, I was positive AF was on its way. But last night I woke up at 3:30 to pee which never happens and also was feeling very sleepy during the day. I had a miscarriage in late 2012 followed by a true Angel born in late 2013 so I am hoping this one sticks!