New to the group

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer, and with my BFN this morning, today officially marks 12 months of TTC with no luck. 
I had a fertility consultation last month and will begin the testing to start <a href="">IUI</a>. I did the progesterone test when I had my positive OPK. I'll have the rest of the tests done in a few days, and then I'll do the water ultrasound (has anyone done this). 
In May, we learned hubby has low motility (25%) and low morphology 4%), and I've had him take a vitamin regimen. Hopefully this is the only issue and it can be fixed with <a href="">IUI</a>.
I was just wondering what to expect next in terms of testing and timelines. I'm nervous because I'll be on vacation during my next fertile window, which means I'll probably have to wait another month (right)? 
Thank you in advance for your support and advice! ❤️