Just wondering how my coffee drinkers are coping? I'm not much of a pop/soda drinker but I love coffee and I usually drink 2-3 cups daily but I've cut back to 1-2 cups a day ( so far I've mostly stuck with 1 cup ). I can't completely take it out because I need it lol also I've tried to cut it out before and I get the pukes & bad headaches šŸ˜ how much caffeine does everyone consume on average?Ā 
Edited to say : this will be my 4th baby and in all of them I had coffee in moderation mostly just 1 cup a day with some days skipped if I am really feeling sick to my stomach. Each time I tried to cut it right out I had severe headaches and I was down for the whole day ( I suffer from migraines ) šŸ˜ I have 3 healthy kiddles and my Dr says coffee in moderation is fine.Ā