He says we're okay but I don't think so!?!

I met my boyfriend in college last fall, we've been in a relationship for about 10 months. He's been talking about marriage and children (more about having children). We have been ttc for two months, I do also get ovarian cysts and he says to me all the time if your not pregnant something is wrong with you. SMH but I tell him to be patient. Lately I have been very moody making sure bills are paid cause he likes to be late smh, him appreciating me and things I do, and the other day I asked to see his phone I saw him deleting things so I said never mind I don't want to see it anymore should I be worried.???? He has an iPhone so things just pops up on his screen so I've seen naked pics of girls, lil GM messages, dating site(deleted now after months of talking to him) ...SMH I'm sad cause he checks my phone but when it comes to his phone I can't... I'm not the type to breakup with someone but to work it out, what should I do glow friends!?!?