Can someone tweak these for me please

This room is meant for faint lines and uncertainty. If you are positive you are pregnant, if you are holding a pregnancy test with two clear lines, if you took a digital test and it says: Pregnant! - head on over to our Pregnancy rooms. Download Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>! Let us shower you with our heartfelt congratulations! Please use this room for those pesky faint lines, where you are really quite unsure if it is a second line, or faulty test, or an evap, or an indent - so on. Thank you for your cooperation. --- What to do when someone posts a very clear positive test: Step 1.  Yes, we agree that this can be insensitive. But please do not react to them not following the rules. And please refrain from posting any negative comments. Step 2. Flag their test as soon as possible. We will move it to the correct room ASAP. (learn more on Glow: