Feeling upset


3rd day of spotting. It's. Light on ans off.

Af is due 13th. I just feel disappointed, discouraged, dishearted. There is still a chance that I could be pregnant and believe me I am PRAYING! I just don't like how my temp went from 36.80's all week to this morning 36.77. And I hate that all the hpt are coming out negative. We've been trying 8 months and everyone around me who is not ready for a baby is popping babies out left right and centre. It's not fair. I'm happy for these people in my life don't get me wrong, I just want my own happiness to I wanna start a family with my hubs to.

Does this make sense?

Argh!. 😒😒😭😭😭 I just wanna crawl in a hole a bawl my eyes out. Sometimes I feel like I am tired of trying. I feel like giving up.