Found out I was pregnant and now I'm bleeding!

Brittany • Happily married. Hairstylist and Business owner. Yoga Obsessed. MC our 1st on 7-16-15. And we have one daughter, who's 1 years old!!! She is the highlight of our life. Not trying to have another one just yet, but maybe soon!
I found out I was pregnant on July 3rd. And then on the 5th I started with spotting and now bleeding. I went to the ER and they said its just too soon to tell if anything had happened to the baby. My HCG levels were at 54. Went in to my obgyn 2 days later to get my blood re drawn and I am waiting on the results. This waiting is killing me! They are supposed to come back today. Has anyone ever had this issue? Help me! It's a possibility that I miscarried, I know.