Wellbutrin SR

A little bit of background... 
For about 2 years, my prescription bottle said to take 2 150mg of Wellbutrin, and that's also what my doctor said to take. (And the pills were green) 
So after switching pharmacies about 5 months ago, the bottle says to take 1 150mg tablet two times a day. (And they are purple now) I asked my mom about it and she said to just continue taking 2 150mg tablets in the morning like I was. 
**My mom and 2 sisters work for my doctor and I've known him since I was a baby**
So I was looking up some stuff yesterday, and it says Wellbutrin SR should be taken twice a day, and should not exceed more than 200 mg in a single dose. I've been taking 300mg every morning. So I wrote a note explaining all of this to my doctor and had my mom give it to him. He wrote back on it and basically said stop researching stuff I know what I'm doing, I'm a doctor, you'll be fine. My other sister who doesn't work for them is kind of upset and thinks I'm overdosing. I don't really know my question I just want to see what some of you think.