Just a thought

D • 20 year old college student trying to figure my place out in the world.
I mean I'm not big on it. But I've known my "boyfriend" for the past year and some months. I didn't get emotionally serious about him until last July. He's not very big on verbally expressing his feelings but he shows me how he feels. We haven't truly established titles or even a date for us. But whenever people ask about us or see us. They call us boyfriend & girlfriend and we just smile. Recently he's gotten better at becoming more expressive with his emotions and I love it. I feel as if he's getting closer to officially making things serious between us and I'm just getting so excited I don't know why. I know we haven't known each other long. But I love him oh so much. He makes me feel more than I've ever felt. This was just a random post of mine. Not really asking a question or anything.