Weight gain. Hurt feelings.

Jenna • 20, single, FTM. Baby boy due 10/24💙
I gained 2 pounds my first trimester. 
As of 20 weeks I had gained about 6. My doctor said she wanted to see me gain more weight. I literally changed NOTHING. I eat the same amount each day. My job has me on my feet constantly. I didn't do anything different and gained about 10 pounds in a month :/ baby boy gained over a pound this month! I'm 24+5 with a total weight gain of 16 pounds and the doctor talked to me with such an attitude today as if I stuff my face with ice cream everyday. Maybe I'm just sensitive but her looking at me and saying "uhm. Yeah. We really need to watch that weight gain" hurt my feelings. First she's concerned and then has an attitude all the while I haven't done anything different and am already very insecure about my body. Just a little rant. I'm very blessed baby is well. He's about 2 pounds and 5 days ahead of schedule with his growth.