I need mature women's opinions ONLY

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I am 16. Before I start this I am going to make it fully aware that if I read once that I am too young to have sex and its so wrong put me on death roe there's going to be problems. Im extremely responsible for my age and I knew what I was doing.

That being said. I am on my 5th day of being fertile. My boyfriend and I (of 2 years) have conceived before. It was three days before my period that I conceived using the withdrawal method. Today, yes we were sexually active. But we did not have sex. He did not penetrate me. We decided not to take chances with the withdrawal method again. Although we did do alot of rubbing together/ id say pretty close and decent contact to my vagina (to the point I could feel his penis there about to go in but not going in you get the point). I had given him a hand job and he had finished. So from what I know if a man ejaculates there CAN be sperm in pre cum from then on in those next couple hours. Which is when the rubbing and so on occurred after I had given him a hand job. Im asking opinions ladies on the chances of me conceiving that way and I ask this because of the fact I am still very much in my fertile week. The high point of my fertile week. Yes I'm fully aware I just asked for opinions. BUT. only opinions on the question. NOT opinions on how I should have done things and whether you think its appropriate for 16 year olds to be doing this kind of thing or not.

I will only read mature women's answers and only ones who are answering my questions. Not ones telling me how I should and should not live my life.

Thanks ladies :)