I've seen a post about women dissing teens that are TTC.. on there are so many comments that are basically knocking the parenting quality of younger mums/dad's...

I really do understand where these ladies are coming from .. because it even gets me angry seeing girls who just get pregnant and think it's all fun & games playing house.. Some tried some didn't but still a person should make it there priority to stay protected until they are positive they can provide for there child.

But reading some of the comments on there made me feel upset and hurt. Like how can you just tell an entire age group that there all the same and aren't mature or capable of caring for a child? I'm sorry but until you know a person's background you can't be the one to judge.. for all you 30+ yearold know that 18 yearold could have a similar mentality as you have. Maybe they also have a home to run, bills to pay, pets to feed a career ?A man to take care of? A person's maturity doesn't all depend on there Age ... its based on there upbringing just as much. So stop dissing us because of a number.. like seriously in this day and age a lot kids are forced to grow up quickly. Is it really wrong for me to make it my priority to finish my career then start a family? Saying that I can provide and care for my baby? Oh no sorry I'm 18 I've had a hard time and still people think I'm to immature I just want to love someone and for someone to love me back for once.