Where's all my customer service workers???

$J@ymillz$ • Living my life like it`s Golden, staying blessed, and doing Jehovah`s will

What ever field you're in on customer service( whether it's working in fast food restaurants or a call center or bank teller) what's the biggest problem you have or what's something that burns you up????

Mine is when I'm at the drive thru, when the customers pick up their food, they ask for a bunch of condiments, mind you these condiments are not right there with you where you have to leave the area( which most of the time you can't) so someone else has to get it mind you everyone is busy so you ask very politely if they can pull up and you will bring it out to them, they cop an attitude, or sometimes even refused to pull up!!!!!!

Or another one is they get to the pickup window and decide the order is not correct!!! Ok why would you pay for the order if it's not correct,especially if they went over it right before you paid, and you agreed to everything on the order, then after everything is made they changed their minds so now your drive thru time is through the roof now and they're complaining about how long it takes!!!!!!

OMG whose with me