Taco Bell!!

I need to rant for a second. I am 26 weeks pregnant and wanted Taco Bell so my SO took me to get some. We ordered some tacos and a drink with no ice. We got our total and started to drive off when the girl didn't know we could still hear her and said to the other girl "he said no ice(short pause) motherfucker!" My SO said "what was that?" She said "oh nothing". I was pissed. My blood pressure was rising, I was shaking from being so mad and I told him I wasn't paying for the food, we weren't getting the food but to go to the window so I can know the girls name who said that, that way I know she gets written up or loses her job. When we got up there I was like "I'm not paying for the food, I just want to know who called me a motherfucker" the girl already know she messed up and ran to the back and got the manager. He didn't seem like much of a help, but I'm calling back up there to talk to the GM today. I really wanted that fucking taco. Night ruined :(