Not breastfeeding - have some ?

From past experiences with breast feeding I have decided not to feed our 2nd baby when she comes in October. I know I will feed her the colostrum but I don't remember how many days that lasted and I'm not sure if you pump it to get it all so she would be adjusted to the bottle right away. If so does the hospital let you borrow a pump or do you need to bring your own? Can you pump colostrum? Should I add some formula to it so babe is also used to the taste of formula?
With my son we had no issue going from breast feeding to formula because we had no choice. He was close to 3 months and all of a sudden we had problems and wouldn't stop nursing even though he was just soothin and my actually hungry, I developed an infected duct and two infected nipples and was in a lot of pain. Needed antibiotics and I started to hate my son which wasn't normal so I was put on anti-depressants. I'm not risking that again even in the off chance it doesn't happen I will need to return to working weekends and DH will be with the two kids about 6 weeks after delivery, I also run a daycare so breast feeding while running after two toddlers and my son who will be 6 won't work well.