Life thrown off track.

      Hello everyone! 
  I'm a 24 (25 in a month) year old female who was just diagnosed with an illness called POTS. I sadly have the disabling form of POTS and can no longer work and have to use a wheelchair if I need to stand for more than five minutes or I will faint. I had my whole life planned out and everything was going smoothly until last November. 
  I had my dream career as a baker, got married and I wanted to be pregnant by next year. The Drs don't know much about this illness, whether it's genetic and can be passed on. I know mines caused by an auto immune disease but I'm not sure what the chances of my child getting it would be. Would I be selfish if I had a child knowing they could have the same life in a wheelchair as I? I've always wanted a child but now it breaks my heart knowing what could happen if I do.