Very long, but I need opinions?

I'm 20 years old and my boyfriend is 27, we have been dating for 7 months mow, and we have been through so much in the short period of time. Now,   We have only been dating 7 months but he's been around a long time, my mother and his mother are best friends. So, he informed me not too long ago when we first started messing with each other, that a while back my mother tried to sleep with him. Which my mother is 50 and she's older and she's a cougar, plus she is insecure with herself so she will do anything for attention. He said he didn't do anything with her, but she just felt rejected after. So I ended up pregnant by him, my mom was very nasty she didn't act like my mother she acted like a jealous friend and all kind of things, I ended up hurting myself and giving in to what she wanted and got an abortion, and it was really rough after that. She just is nasty toward him and me when she wants, but then she likes him it's weird, so yesterday my aunt met him and she texted me saying "he is handsome keep him, he looks like fun" then my mother tells me today she said to her "he's fine, it must be fun you both fucking him"😒it just kind of made me think, my mom was mad about it but I'm just wondering what would make my aunt say that to her? Even as a joke? Either she told her about liking him or whatever or they truly did something before or maybe are right now? & I hate I have to deal with this but it's just idk?