Day of hell😥

From having so much kidney pain it swelling my urologist decided it was a good idea to put a stint in my kidney because the swelling of my kidney and my growing uterus are smashing my urethra tube which make it very difficult and painful to empty my bladder all the way. So Wednesday morning I went in for surgery... That is where the hell began!!! Honestly it has been a hell of a day. After all the prep and everything they got me in the OR at about 9. Surgery went well. I was in recovery for about 3 hours because I was in so much pain, during the surgery it irritated my uterus and I started having severe and intense contractions!!!  The Dr had to call the OB that was on call for that hospital and he had to come check on my contractions and he gave me medicine to stop them but that made me severely sick. Then the Dr ended up calling my OB and he wanted me to go down to his office immediately after I got released from the hospital. So when I got there they did an ultrasound to check on my cervix, placenta, and baby since my contractions were so constant and so painful. Baby was doing great which is the most important!!! She was shaking her butt and sucking on her thumb. It also showed in my ultrasound the big contractions I kept having too. I still keep having them but not as frequent. My OB sent me home with medicine to take for the contractions and my urologist gave me pain medicine and medicine for the bladder spasms which hurt like a bastard!!! 2 days later and I thought I would be feeling good... No, I took a shower today which was really hard standing for that long and moving so much (washing my hair and body). Not to mention the more things I do the more I bleed and apparently as long as I have the stint in I will be peeing out blood. Anyways, I have a Doppler and constantly keep checking on my sweet girl to make sure her little heart is beating away.. One thing I can't handle is the feeling that I have to pee so bad to the point where I'm going to pee my pants so of course I go pee (well at least try to) but can only pee a tiny tiny bit but that feeling of having to pee so bad I'm going to pee my pants never goes away!!! It's enough to make me want to break down and cry!!! I'm still so miserable and the only thing I think of is at least my babygirl is growing and healthy because honestly that's all that matters to me. Anyways thank talk for reading, just needed to vent a little about the past few days.