Alicia • My husband and I married in Sept 2014 and have been trying to conceive since. We did get pregnant in Feb 2015 and miscarried at 7.3 weeks. We hope to be successful again.
So since my miscarriage I have been testing monthly for positive ovulation, I have been using the clear blue advanced tests, which gives a series of possible 3 faces... a blank circle, a flashing smiley which means your in your fertile week and your LH hormone is surging and the still smiley face which means in 24 to 48 hours your going to ovulate. Well my body is so weird, I got the smiley faces like 6 times last month, and my period didn't come until like day 45 or something. I called my OB and said ok I'm done , I want to start the fertility process, I'm done waiting. So my OBGYN said ok next month when you get your first positive test I want you to go to the lab and we r going to test your progesterone, to see if you are indeed ovulation, or is your body trying to and not which would explain the 6 positive tests l. So I tested everyday this month, got to day 20 and now I'm not getting a positive at alllllll. So I called my OBGYN and she said let's just test and see. Maybe the tests were faulty. Do I did and today she called me and I was 0.1 which is low low low. I just cried because this answers 2hy we lost our first baby, my progesterone levels weren't High enough, so now I have to make an appt to see my doctor so we can discuss a plan, but I do have some clomid and metformin on board from my primary doctor because she is awesome like that and wants to see me successful. What a long road this is...... any other similar stories out there and what made you successful????? Help