Attn all women in need of advice

I got married young I was only twenty years old and wanted to be with my husband. I moved from New York to Florida to be with him. In the beginning we were great but then the fighting started, I didn't have a great past I was young and was around people that weren't so great for me. But then once I got married I changed everything how I dressed acted talked walked everything. He started by just pushing me and telling me off which I defended myself. Then I followed him to Philly where it got worse Now this is man who's parents are pastors and he has always made fights about me going to church and serving god. Now he hits me everytime we argue he has chocked me smacked me even in front of his parents they say that I need to learn to listen and keep calm but I don't know what to do Ive got no friends my family is not so great and I am doing everything I can in this relationship. Im not working right Now and IDK if it's just me or something but I love him but im unhappy with how he acts when he's upset! If I call the cops that won't help I tried that before Ive talked with pastors and that doesn't help I have even went full into church and that still didn't help. I need advice from someone. He says I cheated on him when we were separated in 2013 but I didn't but he somehow had the clap so I got checked and everything came back normal. I also caught him talking on Hotline and dating sites which he admitted after the fact and still forgave and moved on but he never let's me use his phone always is angry if I say something he don't like.... I don't have any options but I feel like I need a way out I don't feel like myself and I don't trust him. Please help me!! 😢