Ovulation help. Please!!

I'm really confused about when I'm ovulating and need help. Glow (and another period tracking app I use) always says I ovulate mid cycle but I'm not sure if I do. I thought one of the signs that you're ovulating is clear discharge. I get this every month but it's always a lot earlier than when I'm supposed to be ovulating. I had my period July 11-15th. We bd'd on the 17th and 18th and the 20th I saw discharge. That's at least 5-6 days earlier than when glow predicts I'm ovulating. I took an ovulation test the last two days just to see and one day looked like it might be positive and the next maybe not. The last two days I've had a lot of cramping in my lower ab and back and occasional breast pain. Am I actually ovulating now or could this be signs of implantation? I'm 33 and desperately trying! Help!!