Should we try again? 2 miscarriages already

We were blessed two years ago with a beautiful baby boy. Since last summer we have been trying for a second child. We have had two miscarriages since then and It has been so disheartening to both my husband and I. Our doctor thinks it's due to unregulated blood sugar and weight gain. I was 25-30 lbs lighter when I was 5 weeks pregnant with our son. I have managed to get my weight back down to what it was during our first pregnancy. I will be ovulating soon and am nervous about trying again. So scared it may end in another miscarriage. My husband thinks we should try anyway since I've lost the weight but I am hesitant. My doctor thinks I should meet with fertility, lose more weight and have a sonohystogram done before trying again. 
Should we try again this cycle since I've managed to lose the weight or hold off for another month or two? We are both anxious and excited to try again but I can't shake this fear or having another miscarriage. We lost both pregnancies very early. Between 4-5 weeks gestation. There was a sac but nothing inside. 
Just feeling scared and unsure, turning to the community for suggestions and thoughts.
Thank you for any feedback.
- Unsure