What's love?

How do you know what love is? When you first fall for someone there's sparks and butterflies, you lose your breath each message they send. Then you start to fart infront of them, leave the door open when you're doing a number 2, you can't get turned on like you use to and for some sex becomes a chore you're thinking 'when is this going to finish or daymn I wish you were channing Tatum right now' you secretly love it when they go out for a few with their mates because you get me time. Once all of that goes away how do you know the differce between loving someone and being inlove? I ask this because I'm starting to wonder if I gave up on someone I loved for thinking I wasn't inlove. You grow up you have kids and your life is no longer about sleeping in and cuddling watching what you want to watch going on dates, it's about your children and working as a team. I'm wondering if I have mistaken falling out of love if that makes sense. I know what it felt like to be inlove but that feeling died after having children, is that natural? Is it normal to imagine life from a romance movie and then feeling down because you don't have that? Craving for spark, not finding them attractive like you once did? Finding stupid things they do that annoy the shit out of you? Second guessing. What would you describe as being inlove once the spark and butterflies go?