My heart has been ripped out!

Sherm • #3?
Ladies, I'm 23 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend has been cheating on me. He told me, "you're number 1, why are you worrying?" That broke my heart, I mean really broke my heart. Words can't describe the pain I feel at this point. Almost 4 years, and he throws our relationship away. I can't take him back, because the cheating is going to get worse. I'm due Nov 24, I won't talk to him until after she is here. Well, it just depends on how I feel, I may not call him at all. I told my mom, she feels that he is cocky, because I'm pregnant. She say he knows that I'm not going anywhere, regardless of the situation. That breaks my heart also smh. I'll be free once I cannot feel that pain anymore. Sorry , I needed to vent. My best friend tried to help, but her words wasn't enough. It seems when I go through anything, no one can help me. However, my words are soothing to my friends, maybe that's just my gift.