If I'm feeling like this, something's not right. Right?

             Where did your love go?
It's 1:15am and I'm laying in our bed wondering, what happened to us??
This is one question I can't find the answer too.... We use to be so happy!!! Now it's like we are just here....  You are never home any more, sometimes I think that's the way you want it. When you are home we never get out of the house unless it's to Walmart. I use to love going places with you. Because you would hold my hand and be proud to be with me. Now when we go, I go in then you come in after me and you go your way until it's time to check out. Do you know how that makes me feel?? Really, Do you???? I use to be able to look in your eyes and see that you love me... Now I feel like me and the boys are more than what you thought we was going to be... You never put in time with the boys, that breaks my heart all by itself.. Because you are the only DAD that they have. We use to take them fishing but now we just sit at home.... And the only time you do talk to them or anything is when they are doing wrong......  I don't feel loved by you any more!! And it breaks my heart!!! When we first got together you would out of the blue text or call JUST TO SAY I LOVE YOU!!!! And back then I knew you meant it... Now it feels like empty words coming from your mouth..... I miss us!!!! I miss knowing That you really loved me, and wanted me....  Here we are almost 5 years later and I'm holding on by a tiny rope, hoping you can save US!!!! But I'm not sure if you want to save us.....  So Can you tell me WHERE DID YOUR LOVE GO? 
                           Love A Hurting Wife
I don't understand what's going on with you..... You really do make me feel like you don't care! It feels like now that you are only here because we are married.. And you don't know how to get out of this marriage.....      I worry about you day and night. Even when you don't think I am.... I worry! Because I love you!!!!  Every time you had to go to the hospital I met you there because I was worried about you. When your on the road I worry about you, if your ok. The fucked up thing is... I don't know if you worry about me like that...  if you did really worry about me, I wouldn't be having to drive a car around with no AC, with it being HOT and my asthma.... But then again that might be your way of trying to keep me in the house! Where you think I should be..... You want me at home 24/7 and have no friends..... Am I just like a Maid for you?? Someone to cook and wash your clothes someone you can give a few dollars to and you know I will be here to do it again... You don't talk to me so how am I going to know what you are thinking????? Do you just feel sorry for me??? Is that why you are still here because you feel sorry for me???? That makes a lot of since now that I think about it...!!!!!!
              Your hurting wife