TTC after 10 years of Depo

I am 29 years old, and started taking the depo shots when I was around 18. I recently started having back issues, and to make a long story short they linked it to bone density issues from long term depo use. I completely LOVED the Depo while on it-no side effects at all. 
I recently broke up with my long term boyfriend, and decided to take my doctors advice and not take the shot any more. I had my last shot in December 2014, I was due for it again in March 2015 and skipped it. It has now been 7 months since having the shot, and 3 months since I skipped it. I did not have AF in March or April, but have every month since. So I am curious of anyone TTC that used Depo long term, how long after did you conceive? I have heard a lot of different stories and just trying to take them all in. I did go through a very harsh (false pregnancy like) withdraw, that my OB stated was simply from coming off the Depo. Now that I am off it, I do not want to go back on it. 
Long time boyfriend and I are back together, and have decided that we aren't necessary in a rush TTC, though we aren't preventing it either. 
Any input greatly appreciated!