I think I'm going to SCREAM

Tre`sor • I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Avery Brooke on 10/07/15!!! Baby #2 due 09/21/16
Ok, so a little over a week ago, I went grocery shopping for the household and spent around $300 on food/drinks/snacks etc. Well my SO's sister comes into town and decides she will stay with us because their parents didn't have any food (she has money and is not required to pay a single bill because she's wrapped around her daddy's finger)...needless to say, she ate up all the snacks and food and then up and left today because there was nothing in the freezer or refrigerator for her to eat. She eats a lot because she smokes weed all day long. I'm really pissed because here I am, 28w5d pregnant and now I don't have anything to eat or let alone snack on. Oh and my sorry ass SO isn't doing anything about it. I'm so upset because I was left doing the dishes every single day because I would fall asleep with no dishes in the sink and then wake up to a sink full. I refuse to buy groceries again and from now on, I will make sure I hide snacks and chips and drinks away from everyone else. I wouldn't be in such a dilemma if I could drive, but I currently can't since I'm still recovering from a car accident. I'm highly pissed off right now and since he won't go get me anything to eat, I had to call my mother who acts more like a soon to be dad than him.