Possibly switching care providers this late in the game?!

I was talking with my aunt, my uncle and his wife (who have a one and a half year old). I was telling them I go to a private practice and see a midwife there, but will be delivering at the hospital next door which is where I also go if I have any issues for the pregnancy. So, I was letting them know basically things like communication are being missed between the hospital and my midwife. I had to go to the doctors the other day and after leaving was told I was fine just might possibly have an infection, but my paperwork was for rupture of the membranes? Then 5 days later I got a call from my midwife and was asked how my bed rest is going, which I was specifically told I could return to work the next day!! In addition they said there were notes of me being dilated, but wanted to know if they told me how far. Nope. 😑 SERIOUS lack of communication there. In addition, I have met my midwife, but that's it. She delivers for 2 twelve hour shifts out of the whole week, so the chances of having her are slim to none, really.

So, they suggested I transfer to the hospital they delivered at. Where everything is in one building, same company, and your meet all of the delivery team. I expressed my concern of having to change everything this late, but they made a good point that I shouldn't be so left out on key components. Plus, they have a good amount of my history from my previous child, as they delivered him because he was where I was dropped off via ambulance.

Do any of you have some advice they'd be willing to share to possibly help me decide in this? I will be going to talk to the other hospital tomorrow to see if they're comfortable with that option, but imnsure they will say yes.