Had a fight... so frustrated.

So today I spent 4 hours cleaning our apartment top to bottom when I should have been sleeping for my shift tonight (I work overnights). My fiance calls me on his way home from work and I told him I spent time cleaning the house and asked if he could take the trash to the dumpster when he got home (I recently had back surgery and have lifting restrictions). I had been asking him to take the trash out since Thursday and today is now Sunday. Anyways he said he would. When he got home, he stripped down to his boxers and laid on the couch. I said to him "I guess you're not taking the trash out?" He looks at me and says "I'll do it in the morning." (The same thing I have been hearing for four days now). I just rolled my eyes and let it go. So we have dinner and I'm trying to sleep for work and he's working on the laundry. He has a habit a hanging up all his nice clothes for work so they don't get wrinkled and leaving mine in a laundry basket and folding them later. All week he has not folded laundry (this is the only chore I ask him to do besides the trash, I do the rest of the household chores). He brings a fifth basket of laundry into the bedroom wrinkled of my clothes and folds it. I ask him if he would fold the other four baskets too. He looks at me with this look like I'm asking the world of him. I had spent all day cleaning and he gets pissy when I ask him to do one thing that he hasn't done all week. Long story short we got in a fight over it. I left for work and now I'm writing this and still ticked off. Am I overreacting?