Life is hard.. so choose to be happy.


I've been reading some of the posts, & although some are really encouraging some are really sad & almost depressing (no judgement, we all go through things). But, I just wanted to give food for thought.. Life is hard & it goes by fast, I don't think anyone is actually ready for hard times but they're a part of life & although I by no means am trying to minimize or put down what people go through or what they feel, there's always a brighter day.. Be encouraged to know that a rainbow does come after the storm! THIS TOO SHALL PASS LADIES!!!!

Don't fight for stupid reasons.. If someone is mean, be the bigger person.. Show them you are better. LOVE on people, choose LOVE!

P.S. Choose to be happy, NOT right (with exception to unjustly situations). Choose to be happy, because you can waste a lifetime away trying to be right & you'll miss out on the small things.

Hang in there ladies.