Unsupportive parents

Savvy • Super excited to be a Mommy for the first time!! 😍thanks be to God!
So I come from a single mom household. My mother is hardcore catholic and pushes marriage before baby. My BF and I planned to make a baby and God is so great, this miracle of a baby is now with us! Since she found out, she's been vocally rude to my wonderful BF and completely unsupportive to me, calling me down. A failure, not a role model for young girls. A lot of harsh things. I've had to cut her completely out of my life. It isn't easy. Mom & I were always close growing up. Yes we've had our ups and downs. But I'm 28, not a child anymore. And she's used to controlling me. I've been going to therapy to minimize the stress for baby. But of course it still feels like a lump in my throat whenever friends ask "what did your mom say?" Or "your must be so happy!" I wish... My father abandoned me when mom was pregnant and then my only parent doesn't support me. Some friends say "oh she'll come around" but I'm not even banking on that. I've had to take charge of my own life, get rid of any toxic vibes that aren't good for my new family. It's one of the hardest things, being pregnant, hormonal, carrying a delicate baby and trying to handle all of this stress. If anyone's going through something similar- you are not alone! We have to make changes that are best for our baby's health. #1🌟 if our parents have a problem with this, it's THEIR problem. Let's not own what doesn't belong to us. For ourselves and for our precious babies 💖👶🏽🍼 blessings to you all!