Advice please as many comments as possible!

Cortney • With the most amazing man for almost 8 years, married for almost 3 years :) Found out New Years Eve we are pregnant :) what a great way to start off 2020!!
I have been on birthcontrol for 9 years but he hasnt ever cum in me he has always pulled out because we have never been comfortable with him cumming in me but lately we have wanted to try it i take my birth control religiously 7am every day never late never miss a pill! So after talking it over with my dr she reassured me that while on birthcontrol he can cum in me we are protected to trust the birthcontrol thats what its there for so we decided to try it it felt amazing but afterwards we both were laying there like there like F what did we just do regreted it instantly became very very nervous! We both want me to take the plan B pill just in case but a huge part of me doesnt because im going through some health issues with my ovaries and pain and dont want the pill to cause any damage. And it made me very very sick and messed up my period for months the one other time i took it I want to think were ok because i have been on BC so long and take it the way im supposed to...i guess im just asking i have 48 hours to take this pill do you think I should take it are we ok and we're totally overreacting? Please no mean comments yes i know about precum no im not 15 im 20 im not immature just dont want to get pregnant im just starting college i have to much left to do just be nice please.