Lifestyle changes

Hi ladies, 
Who here is making some big changes whilst TTC. I'm finding it hard, I like to have a glass of wine now and again and I am in my TWW and have cut it out completely which is making other suspicious that I may be pregnant lol but I don't know. I feel by doing this I will be even more disappointed when AF comes as I feel a bit like I am putting my life on hold. Does anyone else have he same? I'm also trainin for a marathon, well about to start, it's not my first so my body has been through it before but if I am pregnant I won't run more than about 5 miles so I will obviously pull out however this TWW is so tough as you just don't know. How strict is everyone else during their TWW? All of my friends carried on as usual but I have waited so long for the right time to start trying that it is more important than anything else